Monday, February 9, 2009

What I want to inherit...

My aunty found this early photo of me (when I was in my 30s) - the earliest we've found. I'm the baby being held in the back row. These are all my siblings and some cousins - one of my favourite photos.
I participated in a comptetition at today where the question was
"If you could inherit anything from a relative be it close, distant or made up (some of us need to make up our relatives), what would it be?"

The answer sprang quickly to mind for me - I'd love to inherit an old photo album. We have very few photos beyond this generation (and there isn't even a baby photo of me - my mum was an exhausted mother of 8 when I was born, me being the 4th under 5!).

My mum & Dad are from a different time when cameras were for rich people. Photos were taken by visitors, or street photographers, or were taken at formal occassions.

There are a few snaps of my grandmothers - both of whom I never met. There are none of my grandfathers. I want to see who I came from. I want to see the family physical characteristics that I and my siblings have inherited down the line.

Are my legs my maternal grandmothers fault or my paternal grandfathers? For now I have to take my Mum's word for it all. What was their fashion-sense like?
I love taking photos of my family, and watching us all grow and change. Hopefully somebody out there has a whole treasure-chest of memories of my ancestores waiting to be discovered.

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