Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Six word memoirs

Sunset over Halong Bay, Vietnam 2006

The guys at http://www.smithmag.net/ got me thinking about 6-word memoirs and I had a go at writing some about me, some about friends and some about family. Not telling who's is who...

  • Large families mean chaos with love
  • Food has meant too much pain
  • I found love on the internet
  • Sisters mean everything to me
  • Busy looking at others, missed me
  • Didn’t understand until you were gone
  • Sunday papers keep me reading
  • Determined never to be hurt again
  • Never realised she had any choices
  • Refused to accept illness, stayed sick
  • Not enough love left her broken
  • Responsibility left no room for fun
  • His happiness was always put last
  • Never learnt happiness was her responsibility

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