Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things

Someone asked me today to do a little exercise in facebook where you list 25 facts, thoughts or goals about yourself - random things that come into your head. I liked the idea and decided to replicate here:

1. I love photos from photobooths & how everyone seems to take them as permission to look silly. I think we all need some more silliness in the day. I've included some fake ones (we did them with a self timer at home and then joined together in photoshop).

2. I'm developing an obsession with miniature people, like those in expensive train sets, and I don't understand it myself.

3. My favourite place to have a coffee at the moment is the Tiled Room in the Leeds Art Gallery - and the coffee is only ok. The room is just so lovely, I sit there and wonder why we don’t build buildings like this any more.

4. Living in a rental property again has inspired me to make changes to my apartment at home.

5. I still have no clue about what I want to be when I go grow up.

6. Julia Cameron, writer of the Artist’s Way, is one of the biggest inspirations of my life.

7. Jordan and Peter Andre's reality show makes me laugh and laugh, and it makes me feel good about my relationship.

8. I only discovered yesterday that I'd always wanted to ice-skate in the snow.

9. I cut my niece Renee’s umbilical cord, and made her belly button.

10. Living in another country teaches you so much about your own country as people are constantly asking you questions you don't know the answer to - so you have to look them up.

11. I can’t believe I am 41 soon, I feel 21. I can’t believe all my nieces and nephews have grown so. There is only three left at school!

12. I can’t understand words if you spell them out loud to me.

13. I think miracles are the little small coincidences in our day, the chance meetings & the opportunities before us, that ultimately change our life.

14. I just don’t get Mariah Carey. Just lost on me.

15. I love getting mail, even if it is just bills and I love checking it each day.

16. Cats make me nervous.

17. My life goals are getting simpler and simpler, and not just because I don't think I can make them. I just seem to want less and less each year.

18. I first cried looking at art looking at a photo of Tracey Moffat's. I don't want to tell you which photo - I think it tells you too much about me.

25 is such a big number.

19. I am trying to capture the perfect photo of Leeds, but after hundreds of photos I feel a little defeated.

20. I really struggle to understand Yorkshire English some days. And apparently my Australian English can be hard to understand too.

21. I’m worried that I haven’t driven for so long that I’ll have lost my nerve when I get back to Australia.

22. It’s the little things I can miss the most here – the fish markets, Australian-style coffee especially flat whites, blue sky, people who don’t notice I’m Australian, the beach, ABC radio.

23. I can’t sing and I can’t whistle. I just don’t have the music in me.

24. I love magnolia’s, and one day I’d like to try to do a bonsai magnolia tree.

25. I’ve never watched Star Wars.

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