Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rusty Bastard

There is always something new being built in Leeds, and  as I walk (or drive) past the scaffolding I often wonder what will be unveiled. 

The unveiling of one the newest buildings in Leeds was a surprise - it's rusty.  I love the idea of rust as a decorating device and Craig and I have had a few discussions on how they've structurally protected the building and allowed the rust to develop.  I've been too lazy to investigate, but if you know how they've achieved this I would love to hear.

I managed to take some pics today, and even captured some graffiti that seemed a little harsh.  The building is called Broadcasting House and seems to be the home of the Arts Faculty of Leeds University. 

Apparently it is also the site of an original studio of Louis Le Prince, an early pioneer in cinematology and the person who took the first moving picture, on Leeds Bridge in 1888.

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