Friday, March 6, 2009

It’s Redfern (or Australia) when…

  • When there is an electric socket in the bathroom. The poms think that is too unsafe but Australians are happy to risk it
  • It’s not a shock to see a man holding another man’s hand
  • You can hear the rain before you see it – rain in Leeds is mostly a soft pitter patter
  • Someone asks about how much you’ve made on your property (a bit dated now, but still an issue)
  • The coffee of my choice is often a flat white

  • It’s assumed you’ll be paying up-front when you visit the doctor
  • Kilometres, metres and dollars
  • People order a flat-white in a coffee shop (a cross between a latte and an americano - I think)

  • People dial 000 when they want an ambulance, fire brigade etc. 911 is for the USA, 999 for the UK

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